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Episode 121 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! Our heroes find ourselves alongside a creek, and who knows how you pronounce that word...

Trying to think of a “professional” way to tell a missile manufacturer that I won’t sell them my software…

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The other half of my Mastodon instance (mastodon-web, mastodon-streaming, mastodon-sidekiq) is chugging on this monster:

Half of my Mastodon instance (databases, front-end web server) runs on this beast:

The Linux audio stack is just another reminder why this OS can’t be my daily driver. Oh, that and the GUI crashing entirely when I close VLC!?!

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I love how “I’d like to hear Line In on my headphones” isn’t doable. Oh should I use “module-loopback?” Just what I wanted, an unconfigurable black box that is blaring feedback thanks to a mic being present…

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Audio on Linux is such a useless heap of shit. It’s not better than it used to be. “Not working correctly” is not an improvement over “Not working correctly.”

Last night I wrote a function "more_important_getkey()" for a multithreaded application. That's good programming, right?

Am I right in thinking that is actually okay, not sleazy or scammy? I’m not missing something, am I?

Just to clarify, the OS wasn't garbage, but modern "improvements" to MiNT don't seem to pan out.

If I were to put a late-90s MiNT on the TT with some commercial packages (NVDI, Jinnee, N.AES), it runs great!

If I use current XaAES and a current MiNT kernel (along with support for NetUSBee), it's a shit show.

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I think every 10 years or so, I'll pull out the TT030, update the OS to state-of-the-art, buy some ridiculous hardware to "modernize" it, realize the OS is garbage, and put it back in storage.

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My NetUSBee issues are part of the reason my TT is in a storage room on a shelf, dormant, until I forget about its problems a decade from now...

Sometimes I think I want to get re-involved in communities, but then a post like this reminds me of how toxic most of these communities are...

Some posts had me reminiscing...

Jobs I've quit as an adult (in order):

1. Rocket Trajectory Designer / Propulsion Engineer

2. Electronic Medical Records Developer

3. Aircraft Engine Health Researcher

4. Video Game Developer

Good list!

Just had to ban someone for saying that he thought "rainbows were for gay stuff" followed by "no homo..."

Do people actually still talk like that?

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