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Episode 121 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! Our heroes find ourselves alongside a creek, and who knows how you pronounce that word...

is _definitely_ not worth reinstalling the OS...

I'll just uninstall it.

The Vintage Computer Federation is holding an *indoor* swap meet next month!?! What the hell is wrong with them?

What insane person has the "all" target in a makefile depend on "clean?"

Oddly enough, the actual level editor will not work on Windows because it relies on function keys that aren't usually present on PCs (F15-F20).

So game levels have to be constructed on the

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Should I get this port onto Steam? Seems insane... I like it.

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My last public library board meeting is tonight. It’s been a long 7-year term…


ssh -p 2225

Project of the year 😅

Koss Pro 4/AA headphones, while super-heavy and quite tight, are just exceptional while looking totally badass.

I received my fourth set of Koss headphones today because I can't stop buying them.

My 2016 iPhone SE just updated to the latest iOS. And I just ordered a new case for the tiny, little sweetie yesterday!

How is this phone being updated, but now even Windows doesn’t support 2016 hardware? I never thought Apple would be the pinnacle of supporting legacy products.

It makes me happy to know that one commonly banned author in that article, Toni Morrison, has a public elementary school named for her not more than 10 miles from my house.

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