I feel like the majority of my online interactions are negative. I almost always regret any reply/comment I leave online, even the most innocuous, because they basically never bring positive responses. It reminds me that I should basically stay away from the Internet.

Today was no different. A comment led to, basically, a "keep your mouth shut." My bad...

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Reading Reddit just makes me sad, too. Even when it isn't my comment, the vitriol is just overwhelming, and I end up closing the page.

Same phenomenon occurs with the armchair experts on HackerNews when it isn't strictly programming-related (and even when it is).

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Mastodon seemed like it wasn't as bad, but I think that's merely a function of my exposure here, which is negligible. I think if perhaps tried to follow more people or to respond more often, I'd still end up in the same place.

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I think the moral of the story is to never speak online. You'll just be drowned out and/or smothered by those with more karma/friends/followers.

The Internet is like high school with its cliques and anxiety, only I have grey hair now.

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