The TT030 has been trying to build CMake for maybe 15 hours now...

@zwangseinweisung hard drive was occasionally grinding away. But it failed a few moments ago. I'm explicitly specifying GCC 8 this time around since it defaulted to SpareMiNT's ancient GCC install for whatever reason.

I'll tell you tomorrow if it could get past configure...

@jeff do you know thorsten ottos site? it's aimed for crosscompiling but there are a lot of atari binaries as well

@zwangseinweisung I'm aware of that site, but a substantial amount of his Atari binaries are broken: Git was compiled without cUrl, CMake doesn't work, the Fortran compilers are busted in GCC 8 and 9, etc. I don't think anything is actually tested and I've only had bad luck with the software there.

Not interested in cross-compiling, though. I thought my was a desktop computer... Why would I use another desktop?

@jeff i dont have any problems with these binaries. they work very well on my firebee. okay, i have to admit that i didnt use cmake or any other tools for larger projects, i often use a crosscompiler for them. i dont have much time in the evening between getting my daughter into her bed and when i go to bed.

@zwangseinweisung I'm glad you've had luck!

My TT030 is rather useless, so I want to do something on it. And that something is leaving it to compile modern software for ages, apparently...

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