I've started a little series on concerning my (highly biased) thoughts on certain computers. I've only written two up so far:


@kensanata well, this isn't really meant to be a dated blog, so no.

Also, I don't have an RSS or Atom feed for it, which CAPCOM and Spacewalk need? Maybe? Not sure...

@jeff for spacewalk at least you give sloum a single URL and if it changes, that URL gets shown at the top of the Spacewalk page as “changed”. That is to say, gemini:// wouldn’t be a good URL because nothing changes if you add a new computer – unless you add a time stamp or something the like. I mean, simply linking to the last three additions from the index page would be enough: when you post an announcement to fedi, do that as well and Spacewalk does the rest.

@kensanata I emailed sloum about Spacewalk. That seemed easy enough. Thanks!

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