A little write-up of what I think of my DEC Alphaserver:


@zwangseinweisung try:

apt-get install libssl-dev

if you're on Ubuntu/Debian/whatever

It just needs the SSL development files.

@jeff i was sure, i've installed it but i've mistaken. it was on another computer (my laptop).

but now i'm stuck at inetd.conf, which i dont have (silent google sounds)

@zwangseinweisung When you're on a Linux with systemd, you're likely looking to create a service with socket activation (personally, I still prefer inetd or xinetd).



so... i'm stuck again. i've installed inetd and it looks like, it is running (see the output of netstat) but if i try to connect castor cannot connect and telnet gets a closed by remote


@jeff @galaxis Got it!

Nov 2 19:58:48 raspberrypi inetd[2191]: cannot execute /home/ragnar/src/GNC: Permission denied

@jeff @galaxis okay, the reason why:

Mon Nov 2 21:14:13 2020 :: Cert file failed

@jeff @galaxis not yet. i'm trying it on my raspi with a self signed cert at home. maybe thats the problem

@zwangseinweisung @galaxis my instance runs on a rpi3 with a self-signed cert, so it should work.

what are the permissions on /home/ragnar/src/GNC and what is your inetd.conf entry?

@jeff @galaxis i've moved the bin and the data/logs to /srv/gnc/ . everything is root:root

@zwangseinweisung @galaxis what does inetd.conf look like? That's a very strange screenshot...

@jeff certificate.pem: 0644 (-rw-r--r--)
key.pem: 0600 (-rw-------)

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@zwangseinweisung @galaxis also, don't test with telnet after you confirm the server is actually starting. it can't deal with the encryption.

@jeff @galaxis i dont care if i get a scrambled screen it shows, it works. anyway. castor does not work too

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