My 2016 iPhone SE just updated to the latest iOS. And I just ordered a new case for the tiny, little sweetie yesterday!

How is this phone being updated, but now even Windows doesn’t support 2016 hardware? I never thought Apple would be the pinnacle of supporting legacy products.

@jeff having to support a much smaller selection of hardware helps, but I think most importantly it is because apple hardware is completely open to apple software devs. That is something Linux and BSD and even MSFT devs do not enjoy by and large. That said MSFT have a symbiotic-parasitic relationship with hardware companies so they aren't motivated to break the upgrade cycle.

I'm amazed with what devs for #PinePhone etc have accomplished when they know the hardware, and I reckon if hardware was more accessible in general that software would work better and be supported longer, especially on mobile (I mean...on PCs Linux already supports hardware for well over a decade and nothing really prevents that from happening on mobile too).


@msh because doesn’t provide the full software stack, I think their situation is better. But their products are frustrating, to say the least, to purchase because you have to wait for this-or-that manufacturing run, pre-orders, etc.

Microsoft not supporting 2016 hardware, though? Unconscionable…. But they’re more interested in cloud income these days than desktops.

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