My NetUSBee issues are part of the reason my TT is in a storage room on a shelf, dormant, until I forget about its problems a decade from now...

I think every 10 years or so, I'll pull out the TT030, update the OS to state-of-the-art, buy some ridiculous hardware to "modernize" it, realize the OS is garbage, and put it back in storage.

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Just to clarify, the OS wasn't garbage, but modern "improvements" to MiNT don't seem to pan out.

If I were to put a late-90s MiNT on the TT with some commercial packages (NVDI, Jinnee, N.AES), it runs great!

If I use current XaAES and a current MiNT kernel (along with support for NetUSBee), it's a shit show.

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