I received my fourth set of Koss headphones today because I can't stop buying them.

Episode 121 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! Our heroes find ourselves alongside a creek, and who knows how you pronounce that word...


Fluffernutters rule, and now my wife realizes that they are a legitimate sandwich.

After all these years, I still need to resort to SkyGlobe for any sort of reliable amateur astronomy... I've never found a replacement.

Had a chance to spy Jupiter and Saturn through the telescope this evening! Look at those positions!

Episode 109 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! Who wouldn't want to listen when the description is "Henry barely keeps his pants on and Jeff describes his feet."


New battery in the smart watch tonight. Last “charge” lasted 5 years or so…

Roasted cauliflower for dinner. We have a pesto to spread on it in the food processor.

The Apple corner is where I’ve spent today. Two Mac Minis and a first-gen Intel Mac Pro on a KVM with a DEC AlphaServer against the wall...

Added some admittedly awful CSS to the web interface for my pure build service...

Single executable handles web and requests. Looks almost usable!

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