My favorite days at work are when I get to use the Win32 API. It's so fun and flexible. And I'm not being sarcastic. SendMessage is the greatest! It's a joy to use!

Episode 71 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! Since I've totally forgotten to post about it in weeks, why not try catching up with this plot (hint: it's bad) and the book's characters (hint: they're generally unlikable)!

My old composite capture card does pretty okay with the 100 as input. Top line is still cut off to some extent...

On a whim, I tried popping my old Bt848 PCI capture card in my semi-modern i5 desktop. Lovely to see that it still works!

Mounted my MFM emulator in the with a little window so I can see the blinkies

Minor LR-87 client updates to add timeouts to read operations from servers. It's been driving me a little nuts...

New snaps are pushed for amd64 and armhf Linux, still need to get the win32 builds out...

Drastic speed improvements to my LR-87 (or @gemini) client related to laying out text with long paragraphs. Dumb renderer also no longer displays its "END OF FILE" marker.

Episode 65 of the Jeff Reads His Book is finally up! Have a listen and write in with your suggestions for fantasy inn and pub names!

Delicious way to end the day, especially since I ran out of birthday beer this week.

Finished some fun updates to my LR-87 @gemini client to support the new quote line styling and making the Windows GUI faster and more pleasant to use.

Binaries at and gemini://

Well, CMake didn’t even configure on the , so it is losing its spot on the desk for a while. Back to storage!

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