Implemented an inventory window during my Twitch stream today. Not fully functional yet, but a nice addition nonetheless!

My buildbot replacement is now accepting results from players (build clients) via the titan protocol, and it's all controllable via a interface.

Too much debugging over the last three days, but clients and servers are now speaking to each other.

I'm rather pleased with my request handling in for this build service. The convenience functions for pulling out one path component from the url, all wrapped up in a "request" derived type, is making life easy.

You can now launch jobs on clients from the server's interface. This build service is coming along!

Just to be clear, it builds using any language or runs any shell script, but the clients (players) and server (captain) are written entirely in Fortran.

My continuous integration system's server is running and starting to show signs of front-end life, all talking through its interface (though I do plan to write an http interface).

Server doesn't yet accept API calls from its clients, but we're getting there...

After hunting down a major indexing error in the code, players can finally interact with signs in my game!

I bought an M1 Mac today... I need it for work since I develop a macOS desktop app. I hope it’s better than my Intel Mac Mini.

LR-87 client now displays a favicon on the dumb terminal renderer nicely at the input prompt

Working on a main menu. The lead-in screens to the menu make me happy, but I need to make a video of those.

Finally fixed some memory allocation bugs and item creation problems, and rooms are loading flawlessly in the game’s level editor

The curly braces are monsters, and it looks like they’re loading/saving correctly

Room save/load works again on the game, just need to confirm objects persist...

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