Finally have login and user authentication working on my distributed build system written in , including through the interface!

Through , it still uses username/password because I think client certs are dumb.

Rolled up newspapers are good for fighting dingos. Whack them on the nose or whatnot...

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Fixing some timing issues before getting back into building some rooms for Six/Six on the

is _definitely_ not worth reinstalling the OS...

I'll just uninstall it.

I received my fourth set of Koss headphones today because I can't stop buying them.

Episode 121 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! Our heroes find ourselves alongside a creek, and who knows how you pronounce that word...

Fluffernutters rule, and now my wife realizes that they are a legitimate sandwich.

After all these years, I still need to resort to SkyGlobe for any sort of reliable amateur astronomy... I've never found a replacement.

Had a chance to spy Jupiter and Saturn through the telescope this evening! Look at those positions!

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