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My LR-87 client now shows the link in the status bar on the Windows client when moused over! Sweet! Of course, the screenshot doesn't show the cursor because... Windows.

Fixed some nasty, little bugs in my client over the last few days. Works lovely on Windows! Still only written in !

Windows renderer is working in the LR-87 client, still in pure . Needs an address bar, some buttons, and scrolling, but links work flawlessly.

Most of the rendering code is at

Episode 61 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! Listen in as Margaux gets bitchy at the help and her boyfriend, and I sound cheap while wondering if I should purchase a single video game.

I like how these headings look in this lr87 client update.

Second try... I posted the old headings in a deleted toot...

As a little exercise over the last week or so, I implemented a client entirely in :

It actually works pretty well. Because of the way it's designed, I do plan on implementing a Windows GUI client based on this code. Right now it assumes you're at a dumb terminal.

Episode 59 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now out! Listen as one of our heroes has trouble steering a horse-drawn carriage and I imply I know enough to do so myself from "magazines!"

Getting ready to record made me realize that episode 58 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out! There's a magic battle in this one!

Fixed a minor, irritating drawing issue on my silly Worm game that caused the left and bottom of the window to draw blank. Not ideal, but better.

Also, I'm mirroring the repo locally too!

Toot @ Rainbow 100

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