What’s with peeps getting all worked up anytime someone mentions that computers were heavily used for music production? Is it the end of the world if machine excelled at something? Jeez, nobody was talking to you. Relax.

I preordered an game today…. I’ve never done that before.

More specifically, I despise my cube, and my patience for my TT030 has basically run out. Also, the power supply on this big, 'ol VAX 4000 is screwed up and the is just useless. I feel like putting them all on the curb would make me happier.

And no, you can't have them for free...

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I inquired about a used, first-run, caseless clone on a forum that was for sale. USD 550 seems a bit steep, basically their price new, but the forum wouldn't allow me to reply anyway, so I couldn't tell him/her "no."

I have to keep reminding myself to stay away from the stuff. I'm not a fan of a large portion of the "community."

Some thoughts on my TT030


On a whim, I tried popping my old Bt848 PCI capture card in my semi-modern i5 desktop. Lovely to see that it still works!

Well, CMake didn’t even configure on the , so it is losing its spot on the desk for a while. Back to storage!

The only reason I'm trying to build CMake (which I despise) on my was so that I could build json-c on my so that I might try building the nanotodon Mastodon client on my .

If all that worked, a GEM Mastodon client based on nanotodon would be neat to try, but I'm not even close at this point.

I'm trying to build CMake on the TT030 overnight, and I'm not hopeful. I've had nothing work on it lately (broken GNU Fortran, problems building IRC clients, a freakin' mess of a network config, etc.), so I'm probably going to break it down and throw it back in the closet when this inevitably fails too.

Once I forget about these problems in a year or two, maybe it'll get some precious desk space again.

But CMake might build...

Fixed a minor, irritating drawing issue on my silly Worm game that caused the left and bottom of the window to draw blank. Not ideal, but better.

Also, I'm mirroring the repo locally too!


Toot @ Rainbow 100

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