Finally have login and user authentication working on my distributed build system written in , including through the interface!

Through , it still uses username/password because I think client certs are dumb.

Added some admittedly awful CSS to the web interface for my pure build service...

Single executable handles web and requests. Looks almost usable!

Well, the build failed as expected, but the first production run of my all build service that relies on the protocol did indeed end successfully!

My buildbot replacement is now accepting results from players (build clients) via the titan protocol, and it's all controllable via a interface.

Too much debugging over the last three days, but clients and servers are now speaking to each other.

I'm rather pleased with my request handling in for this build service. The convenience functions for pulling out one path component from the url, all wrapped up in a "request" derived type, is making life easy.

You can now launch jobs on clients from the server's interface. This build service is coming along!

Just to be clear, it builds using any language or runs any shell script, but the clients (players) and server (captain) are written entirely in Fortran.

My continuous integration system's server is running and starting to show signs of front-end life, all talking through its interface (though I do plan to write an http interface).

Server doesn't yet accept API calls from its clients, but we're getting there...

Day 4 of writing a replacement for 's buildbot in . Turns out the database module I had planned on using yesterday was drastically insufficient, and I ended up writing a minimal SQLite wrapper in Fortran.

Now I've realized I need at least a minimal template system if I want web (or ) access. So now I'm writing a basic template engine in Fortran...

It's the morning of day 3 of my quest to replace my outdated buildbot infrastructure. I now have a client written in that speaks to communicate with a server (and titan for uploads...).

Moving on to the server side. Not sure which is harder to write yet.

My silly, little client now features working favorites (because I didn't want to use the word "bookmarks") and more attractive buttons on Windows. Have to check that its internal pages work on the dumb terminal renderer as well, but they should.

Still entirely written in :

Fixed some nasty, little bugs in my client over the last few days. Works lovely on Windows! Still only written in !

Windows renderer is working in the LR-87 client, still in pure . Needs an address bar, some buttons, and scrolling, but links work flawlessly.

Most of the rendering code is at

As a little exercise over the last week or so, I implemented a client entirely in :

It actually works pretty well. Because of the way it's designed, I do plan on implementing a Windows GUI client based on this code. Right now it assumes you're at a dumb terminal.

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