Oddly enough, the actual level editor will not work on Windows because it relies on function keys that aren't usually present on PCs (F15-F20).

So game levels have to be constructed on the

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I think I've spent 2 weeks debugging saved games on my ...

Implemented an inventory window during my Twitch stream today. Not fully functional yet, but a nice addition nonetheless!

I had thought my ancient Bt848 capture card was just a bit crappy when trying to capture a DEC video signal, but it turned out the video cable I had been trying just sucked.

After hunting down a major indexing error in the code, players can finally interact with signs in my game!

Caught myself putting "PgDn" and "PgUp" controls in a game... Rainbows have "Prev Screen" and "Next Screen" keys, not that IBM nonsense.

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