I think I've spent 2 weeks debugging saved games on my ...

Implemented an inventory window during my Twitch stream today. Not fully functional yet, but a nice addition nonetheless!

I had thought my ancient Bt848 capture card was just a bit crappy when trying to capture a DEC video signal, but it turned out the video cable I had been trying just sucked.

After hunting down a major indexing error in the code, players can finally interact with signs in my game!

Caught myself putting "PgDn" and "PgUp" controls in a game... Rainbows have "Prev Screen" and "Next Screen" keys, not that IBM nonsense.

I tried feeding my into my ancient BT848 video capture card, and it just looks like garbage.

Does anyone have a highly configurable composite video capture device suggestion?

It needs to be highly configurable because the signal is a little goofy

Working on a main menu. The lead-in screens to the menu make me happy, but I need to make a video of those.

Finally fixed some memory allocation bugs and item creation problems, and rooms are loading flawlessly in the game’s level editor

The curly braces are monsters, and it looks like they’re loading/saving correctly

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