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Room save/load works again on the game, just need to confirm objects persist...

Adding doors to a room when loading is a hassle in this game...

Objects are even worse!

Finally getting around to adding “things” to my game. This stuff is tedious!

Database manager for “things” in my game is finally getting some attention.

“Rooms” in my game are now saved and loaded using some terrible run-length encoding to decrease file size by almost an order of magnitude!

Level editor for the not-yet-written game now understands setting neighbors and loading/saving rooms!

Started on a “level” editor for a game. If I can draw some rooms easily, this will go a lot faster...

Need to come up with a reasonable format to save them still.

Wrote a simple, snazzy maze game for the based on some fun work I did deciphering the Rainbow 100’s video memory layout.

After finally figuring out some direct video access, I've posted my modifications to Lua (based on 5.3.5) for the 100 computer.

Most interesting is probably the Rainbow-specific library that is compiled in by default:

My 8088-powered running MS-DOS feels orders of magnitude faster than the i5-powered Mac running Catalina sitting next to it...

A toot from the !

(over a serial link to Linux, it's really not particularly interesting or difficult...)

My old composite capture card does pretty okay with the 100 as input. Top line is still cut off to some extent...

Mounted my MFM emulator in the with a little window so I can see the blinkies

Toot @ Rainbow 100

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