@msh Reveal Codes was _the_ reason to use WP! Loved it in WordPerfect 7 for Windows, and I believe it is still there in all versions. I think I used it in 10 (?) as well.

@galaxis ah the K6 was such a great CPU... I had a K6-2 as my primary computer in college.

@julienxx I would stick with Apple, but make sure whatever you choose comes with _everything_ to connect to modern networks... add-ons will bankrupt you.

I have an TT030 with a NetUSBee, which provides reliable, slow Ethernet. Everything else it promises, it doesn't deliver, though.

Watching participants explain and argue about how unions work is supremely frustrating.

Then again, whenever they delve into anything that isn't strictly "the new hotness in programming," their Silicon Valley echo chamber really shines.

@jbauer @julienxx ugh always hated how brackets are done in GNU software...

Level editor for the not-yet-written game now understands setting neighbors and loading/saving rooms!

My favorite feature of macOS is that, when I type an exotic command into the terminal like "git status," I get to watch a spinner as Apple is contacted regarding every subprogram called in this chain is verified. I feel very secure.

Started on a “level” editor for a game. If I can draw some rooms easily, this will go a lot faster...

Need to come up with a reasonable format to save them still.

@msh trying to do an adventure/rpg-like thing, not too sure yet.

The picture shows a color monitor, and the mono (text) signal comes in on green. I have white, amber, and green mono monitors too, though.

@zwangseinweisung you have far steadier hands than I if you can deal with surface mount stuff!

@kensanata wow, that is surprising! I need to peek at my logs...

Delightfully insane GTK+ tips for getting ready to port to GTK+ 4...

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