Episode 84 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! Do you enjoy terrible descriptions of setting, including, but not limited to, vague mentions of interconnected hallways? Then this ep is for you!


@fribbledom "...that dusty 14" CRT monitor..." in the '80s!?! What are you, a millionaire!?!

@galaxis I haven't had much time for lately, but I also feel like much of what I do isn't interesting either...

I mean, I have a retro machine on every day next to me, but what's to say about it?

@dosnostalgic I’m reading it now. I’m only 20 or so pages in, but pretty good thus far!

@thomasfuchs three of them have criminals on the cover? Jupiter Lander seems like it has an innocent pilot.

@galaxis I’ve basically started throwing out anything that I don’t find “fun.” Amigas, Tandys, C64 stuff, an Apple II... I don’t have the time for hardware/software that annoys me.

My TT is dangerously close to the line at this point.

@jbauer my current machines are little endian.

Wait, did you want a technical justification? Mine is purely lazy and selfish.

@thomasfuchs oh no, EMS! But I’m using an XMS driver!

They were different, right?

My favorite thing to do on Twitter now is to respond to every "promoted" tweet sarcastically.

After finally figuring out some direct video access, I've posted my modifications to Lua (based on 5.3.5) for the 100 computer.

Most interesting is probably the Rainbow-specific library that is compiled in by default:


Episode 81 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! There's a sandwich in this episode! I feel like that was a major theme in Bringing Balance. There were a lot of magic sandwiches in that book...


My 8088-powered running MS-DOS feels orders of magnitude faster than the i5-powered Mac running Catalina sitting next to it...

I love having to add these kind of comments to my code for later...

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