My favorite days at work are when I get to use the Win32 API. It's so fun and flexible. And I'm not being sarcastic. SendMessage is the greatest! It's a joy to use!

@isagalaev I will say when everyone said to use Sublime, probably before Atom, it was justified. Sublime is actually fast, unlike the JS editors right now. But it’s commercial, so some people might hate it. Eh... that was the last editor to actually impress me.

@kensanata I emailed sloum about Spacewalk. That seemed easy enough. Thanks!

@kensanata well, this isn't really meant to be a dated blog, so no.

Also, I don't have an RSS or Atom feed for it, which CAPCOM and Spacewalk need? Maybe? Not sure...

I've started a little series on concerning my (highly biased) thoughts on certain computers. I've only written two up so far:


@thomasfuchs the P133 is almost up to the standards my college requires for freshmen. I think we had to have 32MB RAM...

@fribbledom I was going to suggest an Elesar Titanium motherboard, but they’re expensive. I think you mentioned a lower budget in a response to someone else.

Reading about how Hacker News commenters would fix double entry accounting might be some of the dumbest shit I’ve read this week.

Do we have a directory of Fediverse podcasters? Maybe we should start one? If there is not, add yourself here:

Episode 71 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! Since I've totally forgotten to post about it in weeks, why not try catching up with this plot (hint: it's bad) and the book's characters (hint: they're generally unlikable)!

And I spammed my feed because using ESC as a "send toot" key is stupid (arrow keys emit escape)...

I'll just delete this Mastodon client.

A toot from the !

(over a serial link to Linux, it's really not particularly interesting or difficult...)

I'm guessing it's just an issue trying to support these new-fangled vt100 terminals.

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Ugh, arrows don't work in nano on with a serial terminal for whatever stupid reason. This OS is untested, unreliable, and unusable. I should have used ...

My old composite capture card does pretty okay with the 100 as input. Top line is still cut off to some extent...

@dosnostalgic my college roommate could have gone pro at the loogie game.

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