I released my company's internal replacement for Python's buildbot. Built entirely in Fortran, it's designed to replace what we "need" from buildbot. It communicates via and the titan protocol.


Nothing makes me happier than slapping the always-infuriating JSON License on software I write.

@hund Ah, I was thinking of "vendor" as a simple synonym for "seller," nothing more. Just a mixup.

I'm not sure Unicomp belongs amongst them, being so old-school.

@hund I guess I don’t understand the site you had linked. I’ve bought three keyboards from Unicomp directly. I suppose they’re a manufacturer and vendor, but only of their products.

Implemented an inventory window during my Twitch stream today. Not fully functional yet, but a nice addition nonetheless!

@natecull always wanted one, but I’m content with a Tandy 102. The cassette must have been nice to have!

"why do you even need libraries when all the information in the world is on the internet" because it's all behind a paywall and the library is a battering ram

@galaxis Atari mice might be some of the worst ever made. I was always trying to replace them since I first got an ST in the 1990s.

My buildbot replacement is now accepting results from players (build clients) via the titan protocol, and it's all controllable via a interface.

Too much debugging over the last three days, but clients and servers are now speaking to each other.

I had thought my ancient Bt848 capture card was just a bit crappy when trying to capture a DEC video signal, but it turned out the video cable I had been trying just sucked.

I'm rather pleased with my request handling in for this build service. The convenience functions for pulling out one path component from the url, all wrapped up in a "request" derived type, is making life easy.

I need to use a graphical client in these screenshots. I think they'd be prettier.

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You can now launch jobs on clients from the server's interface. This build service is coming along!

Just to be clear, it builds using any language or runs any shell script, but the clients (players) and server (captain) are written entirely in Fortran.

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