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@stevelord I occasionally post on my blog at but it has been a while. I just updated a , so maybe in the next few days it would be a good idea.

@stevelord my TT is pretty beefy (68MB RAM, very fast SCSI drive), but it also has a pretty hefty but dated software stack (FreeMiNT) and a very slow graphics card (Galaxy).

Also, Ataris never really had a great way to depart from standard graphics modes like Amiga RTG stuff provides. So they can be dull since games won't really work, especially with FreeMiNT running.

On a whim, I tried popping my old Bt848 PCI capture card in my semi-modern i5 desktop. Lovely to see that it still works!

@stevelord I understand. I have an Atari TT030 that's relatively unbearable. I have very little experience with the , so it's fun to see in use!

@orbjet I have two Unicomp buckling spring keyboards now, and I won't ever buy anything else. Still made in KY, heavy as hell, and a dream to use.

@galaxis my tactic with a custom mintlib in the past have been either:

1. Duplicate my entire /usr tree to another partition and then overwrite mintlib for funsies to see how it works. I can always copy back the duplicated tree if it broke everything.


2. Somehow set up the new mintlib in /usr/local or other directory tree and try to remember to enter the proper compiler flags each time I compile. It's annoying but safer.

EasyMiNT will never be updated, so might as well break it!

@jbauer I self-host on a pair of Raspberry Pi boards, and Mastodon is a catastrophe. It’s like they chose a not-so-great tech stack (Rails) to get started and then asked, “How can we add more server-side JavaScript and get that performance way down?”

@kensanata huh, mine is not there. Then again, I don’t publicize it so why would it be. Also it’s not great, so the review would make me sad.

I have Windows 10 machines, Linux machines, and two Macs. macOS Catalina is, without a doubt, the worst OS of the bunch. And I don’t even “like” the other two...

@thomasfuchs yeah, after seeing your pic, I went on a little eBay hunt. There is a nice desktop (as opposed to tower) with that same case aesthetic available.

@thomasfuchs I really like the look of that NCR 486 case. All business, and it doesn't look dated at all.

Mounted my MFM emulator in the with a little window so I can see the blinkies

On my desktop I added a workspace switcher to the panel, which resulted in all window manager controls no longer working (maximize, minimize, close, moving, etc.). Removed the workspace switch, but the problem persists. sucks.

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