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The only GUI API that is mildly stable and worth a damn is the Win32 API. There, I said it.

Everything else is utter garbage.

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Also, never use any "cross-platform" open source libraries that are primarily developed on Linux.

Guess what? They only actually work on Linux...

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Hey, just a heads up: if you were thinking of developing or porting a desktop app on/to macOS, don't bother. It's an unstable (API-wise) heap of shit that breaks constantly with every tiny update that Apple pushes.

I regret ever supporting macOS.


I'm loving seeing all of these pictures of text messages where workers are standing up against their bosses. ✊✊✊


My 4.5 inch Newtonian telescope can easily resolve Jupiter's Galilean moons and some stripes. Saturn's rings are just barely visible with it, but identifiable.

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After all these years, I still need to resort to SkyGlobe for any sort of reliable amateur astronomy... I've never found a replacement.

Had a chance to spy Jupiter and Saturn through the telescope this evening! Look at those positions!

I'm sorry, am I supposed to call this nonsense "Raspberry Pi OS" now? Ugh...

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What really irks me about no video on is that it literally has a handful of hardware variations to support, yet it still fails to work properly.

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You know which operating system sucks? You can just name literally any operating system you've ever heard of. They all suck.

Well... My raspberry pi, upon rebooting, no longer wants to display 4k video. Looks like I'm reinstalling like I'm using 95.

I freakin' hate computers...

@darius I once found someone with my exact problem with installing an OS on a forum after hours of searching only to discover the question was posted by myself like 8 years earlier with no valid answer…

@niconiconi I had (well, have, I suppose…) this graphics card with its wacky purple extension cable. I used to pull video off my camcorder over FireWire with it.

I'm pretty happy with the animated gif on the landing page. It was a pain to make as it isn't something I'm usually doing. Considering that all the images are from an analog capture card, it turned out nice!

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I preordered an game today…. I’ve never done that before.

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Toot @ Rainbow 100

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