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Every time I try to use my Mac, I am left speechless at the sheer incompetence of developers at . It’s simply unusable. I had to power cycle 3 times before just giving up trying to run a game from ~2012.

Fixed some nasty, little bugs in my client over the last few days. Works lovely on Windows! Still only written in !

Moving from DigitalOcean Spaces to a VPS with a big, spinning disk has reduced upload times by a factor of 10. WTF, DigitalOcean?!?

Oh, and the VPS costs less...

Another set of updates to my LR-87 client: fixed the damn "Back" functionality, released a Windows binary, added port number specification support, etc.

Windows build at

Linux build via "snap install lr87"

The Windows GUI version works okay, but it's missing some simple things like text selection, scrolling by "clicking" in the scroll bar, pressing enter in the address bar, other things... but it works!

DigitalOcean Spaces is hilariously slow for uploading. I need to find an alternative (that isn't Amazon...)

Oh I hate so much! Also, I hate , , all the operating systems...

I think I only ever liked MS-DOS v3.10 and earlier... Everything else feels like a steaming pile of garbage.

Windows renderer is working in the LR-87 client, still in pure . Needs an address bar, some buttons, and scrolling, but links work flawlessly.

Most of the rendering code is at

Episode 61 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! Listen in as Margaux gets bitchy at the help and her boyfriend, and I sound cheap while wondering if I should purchase a single video game.

I like how these headings look in this lr87 client update.

Second try... I posted the old headings in a deleted toot...

More updates to my client to fix relative path redirect requests and SSL protocols, already pushed as a :

snap install lr87

Fixed a very ugly aspect of my lr87 client where links were all wonky with spacing. Apparently Fortran's ADJUSTL doesn't remove tabs, only spaces...

If you're on a Linux distro that supports snaps, you can try out my limited but function client:

Oh, my bad, only needs to download that fresh image once...

To build a on , it has to download a clean Ubuntu image and start a VM?!?! I thought this was just a "way to distribute software."

As a little exercise over the last week or so, I implemented a client entirely in :

It actually works pretty well. Because of the way it's designed, I do plan on implementing a Windows GUI client based on this code. Right now it assumes you're at a dumb terminal.

The Icon Bar's "What is your current RISC OS setup?" series is pretty fun to browse.

Never played much with myself.

Hopefully any fellow Americans will remember that today is the 50th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre. Please take a moment to think about what happened 50 years ago.

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