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I'm trying to build CMake on the TT030 overnight, and I'm not hopeful. I've had nothing work on it lately (broken GNU Fortran, problems building IRC clients, a freakin' mess of a network config, etc.), so I'm probably going to break it down and throw it back in the closet when this inevitably fails too.

Once I forget about these problems in a year or two, maybe it'll get some precious desk space again.

But CMake might build...

’s upgrade process has far too much user interaction. I asked to upgrade, so just freakin’ do it!

The last time it stopped was to let me know chromium was now a snap (whoop-dee-shit, I could care less). Ugh...

I have two laptops (Intel Core2 and AMD A4) that are both somewhat old and not particularly interesting. video drivers do not work on either... I'm quite baffled, but not interested enough to pursue it.

The Core2 is running Windows 10 now like a freakin' dream. The AMD needs something since only actually booted about 50% of the time on it.

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Thought I'd give another shot on my dated AMD laptop, but the installer panics during boot on radeon init, so... nope.

My self-hosted mastodon instance really shits itself when any part of it gets restarted.

I'd actually set up a site using GNC, but GCC with Fortran is still compiling...

In my quest to create tools for the protocol that nobody will use (I'm guessing...), I've built a new, simple server called GNC:

My poor Raspberry Pi 3 has been bootstrapping GCC 8 for two days now...

My LR-87 client now shows the link in the status bar on the Windows client when moused over! Sweet! Of course, the screenshot doesn't show the cursor because... Windows.

The cat, on the other hand, will not be happy with this arrangement.

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One nice response to my rant, but it was deleted...

I'm going to go mow the lawn and play with my cat, both of which make me far happier than any of this.

I think the moral of the story is to never speak online. You'll just be drowned out and/or smothered by those with more karma/friends/followers.

The Internet is like high school with its cliques and anxiety, only I have grey hair now.

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Mastodon seemed like it wasn't as bad, but I think that's merely a function of my exposure here, which is negligible. I think if perhaps tried to follow more people or to respond more often, I'd still end up in the same place.

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Reading Reddit just makes me sad, too. Even when it isn't my comment, the vitriol is just overwhelming, and I end up closing the page.

Same phenomenon occurs with the armchair experts on HackerNews when it isn't strictly programming-related (and even when it is).

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Today was no different. A comment led to, basically, a "keep your mouth shut." My bad...

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I feel like the majority of my online interactions are negative. I almost always regret any reply/comment I leave online, even the most innocuous, because they basically never bring positive responses. It reminds me that I should basically stay away from the Internet.

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