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@jeff linux: at least as bad as the OS you already use!

Had to turn of this podcast. The sheer amount of delusional excuses concerning problems with is overwhelming.

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They are now suggesting “Nuke and pave” is a valid recovery option for compared to Windows Safe Mode and it’s system checkpoints... wow...

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Also, that user must have an “oddball chipset” on his motherboard. WTF?

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Listening to Late Night Linux podcast, and they are the ultimate apologists. They’re talking about a Windows user who tried KDE Plasma. His complaint: desktop feels like beta software and crashes. Their explanation: well, Windows and macOS do too!

I’m starting to get tired of the upvoting and wonder following the “I connected my <insert ‘80s/‘90s computer here> to the Internet using a RasPi/ESP8266/Whatever.” It’s not that hard, people! They did it back in the ‘80s/‘90s too!

Episode 75 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out finally even though I recorded this garbage a week ago! Our hero Henry has a surprise in his pocket. Find out what it is!

Some thoughts on my TT030


Episode 74 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! This exceptionally short chapter is exceptionally free of meaningful content! If that isn't a sales pitch, I don't know what is! Listen in!

Binaries are available for the LR-87 client. Seems to be working fine. Now featuring mouse wheel scrolling on Windows!

Internal pages work great too on the dumb terminal renderer. Time to prep some binaries again!

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My silly, little client now features working favorites (because I didn't want to use the word "bookmarks") and more attractive buttons on Windows. Have to check that its internal pages work on the dumb terminal renderer as well, but they should.

Still entirely written in :

Amazon: Please note that this information is confidential.

Me: LOL, why'd you send this to me?

As a point of references, we had 699 COVID-19 cases in our county last week and 22 deaths. We're considered a "red" county in Ohio. Those numbers don't include the Cleveland, which is also in the county (just suburbs).

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Heard on the news that the school district where I coach high school soccer is resuming sports tomorrow (nobody has contacted me yet). Our county's board of health has recommended against it.

Really torn as to whether I should resign...


After a long period with no unattended microphones in the house I have had to allowed one to operate for the purposes of hands-free voice based device control. And sure enough…

We were just discussing purchasing an armchair, and have done a flat zero looking online for it because we were talking about getting one at a local shop. 15 minutes later there's a Google ad.

Goodbye #privacy :(

My favorite days at work are when I get to use the Win32 API. It's so fun and flexible. And I'm not being sarcastic. SendMessage is the greatest! It's a joy to use!

I've started a little series on concerning my (highly biased) thoughts on certain computers. I've only written two up so far:


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