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VTE, an essential library that basically provides terminals in most GTK+ applications that have them (including GNOME Terminal), is a poorly documented heap of shit.

Just wanted to share...

If anyone has an alternative library, let me know.

Political surveys asking for which candidate I would vote that only include democrat, republican, or not sure are stupid.

There's a near 100% chance I won't vote for either, but that's not an option.

Episode 79 of the Jeff Reads His Book was released yesterday, which is freakin' late! There's a new character in the book, and the name isn't awful!

Spent the last hour or two trying to get this Mastodon instance back. Something went horribly wrong with an automatic update that killed the Raspberry Pi server.

Disabled unattended-upgrades, so we should be good now.

What the hell is this? Ugh, creepy GNU post... I’m embarrassed to follow them on the bird site.

In 1993 Infogrames rushed the release of Alone in the Dark 2, and as a result it came out in a near unplayable state. And then instead of rebalancing it they included a teleport that skipped the entire first part of the game in the CD-ROM version, and threw in this "SECRET DOORS" disk with later floppy releases.
So what was on that floppy? Well, it turns out that it's nothing but a six sets of saved games. It's not even noted which parts of the game they lead to! Remember: $9.95 value!

Got my replacement ear pads from Koss for my wired portaPros today! They sound glorious!

My NeXT Cube makes me angry. They were terribly overpriced and under-powered computers. Please stop treating them as if the were a miraculous machine. If you own a modern Mac with all its limitations, you're living the NeXT nightmare endgame: locked-down machines with excessively proprietary APIs.

Episode 76 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! Wondering how I can possibly equate an ancient, magical, underground fortress with the mall? Listen in to find out!

@jeff linux: at least as bad as the OS you already use!

Had to turn of this podcast. The sheer amount of delusional excuses concerning problems with is overwhelming.

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They are now suggesting “Nuke and pave” is a valid recovery option for compared to Windows Safe Mode and it’s system checkpoints... wow...

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Also, that user must have an “oddball chipset” on his motherboard. WTF?

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Listening to Late Night Linux podcast, and they are the ultimate apologists. They’re talking about a Windows user who tried KDE Plasma. His complaint: desktop feels like beta software and crashes. Their explanation: well, Windows and macOS do too!

I’m starting to get tired of the upvoting and wonder following the “I connected my <insert ‘80s/‘90s computer here> to the Internet using a RasPi/ESP8266/Whatever.” It’s not that hard, people! They did it back in the ‘80s/‘90s too!

Episode 75 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out finally even though I recorded this garbage a week ago! Our hero Henry has a surprise in his pocket. Find out what it is!

Some thoughts on my TT030


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