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Drunken mages engaging in a magical fight while trying not to spill drinks... Now that’s literature!

More specifically, I despise my cube, and my patience for my TT030 has basically run out. Also, the power supply on this big, 'ol VAX 4000 is screwed up and the is just useless. I feel like putting them all on the curb would make me happier.

And no, you can't have them for free...

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Having vintage computers is hard. I really hate most of it at this point, so I want to sell it. Then again, I don't want to be ripped off or go through the hassle, so maybe it should all go in the trash.

I'm trolling my Mom and sisters for a "soy-free" cookie recipe. Who puts soy in cookies!?!

Episode 87 of the Jeff Reads His Book is now available! Listen in as we read about broken leg bones and familial tension!

A little write-up of what I think of my DEC Alphaserver:


Episode 84 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! Do you enjoy terrible descriptions of setting, including, but not limited to, vague mentions of interconnected hallways? Then this ep is for you!

My favorite thing to do on Twitter now is to respond to every "promoted" tweet sarcastically.

After finally figuring out some direct video access, I've posted my modifications to Lua (based on 5.3.5) for the 100 computer.

Most interesting is probably the Rainbow-specific library that is compiled in by default:

Episode 81 of the Jeff Reads His Book is out now! There's a sandwich in this episode! I feel like that was a major theme in Bringing Balance. There were a lot of magic sandwiches in that book...

My 8088-powered running MS-DOS feels orders of magnitude faster than the i5-powered Mac running Catalina sitting next to it...

I love having to add these kind of comments to my code for later...

I inquired about a used, first-run, caseless clone on a forum that was for sale. USD 550 seems a bit steep, basically their price new, but the forum wouldn't allow me to reply anyway, so I couldn't tell him/her "no."

I have to keep reminding myself to stay away from the stuff. I'm not a fan of a large portion of the "community."

VTE, an essential library that basically provides terminals in most GTK+ applications that have them (including GNOME Terminal), is a poorly documented heap of shit.

Just wanted to share...

If anyone has an alternative library, let me know.

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