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A bug in core Python I was nosy’d on 8 freakin’ years ago was just resolved as “out of date” out of the blue.

I took a moment to remove myself from this and another Python bug I was still listed on as I have no desire to participate in that toxic environment any longer.

Finally getting around to adding “things” to my game. This stuff is tedious!

Database manager for “things” in my game is finally getting some attention.

Canonical’s snapcraft was using 10GB to build a tiny text-only browser...

What a freaking joke.

“Rooms” in my game are now saved and loaded using some terrible run-length encoding to decrease file size by almost an order of magnitude!

It's like pulling teeth to get the terminal to autocomplete. I haven't seen this many "busy" spinners since RealPlayer was a thing.

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I cannot believe people actually use macOS productively.

To be fair, I don't use Microsoft's compilers. They drop support for previous releases so damn quick.

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But the entire installer and package runs great on Windows 2000 through Windows 10...

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And it might make sense to consider dropping support on Linux for anything but the current Ubuntu LTS on amd64 and Raspbian. Trying to maintain compatibility with Fedora/OpenSUSE is miserable.

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It seems likely I'll never support macOS on Apple's ARM chips, though. Supporting the x86 offerings is already nightmarish.

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Most of my work time is spent dealing with asinine macOS path and tooling issues or dealing with the garbage state of Linux packaging...

And those two problematic platforms maybe don't even account for 15% of my business...

Windows just works, though.

I just opened my wife’s mascara with pliers for her, mostly because she doesn’t know where I keep the pliers. Should I feel “manly?”

Watching participants explain and argue about how unions work is supremely frustrating.

Then again, whenever they delve into anything that isn't strictly "the new hotness in programming," their Silicon Valley echo chamber really shines.

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