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Snapcraft on AMD64 is a shitshow because of Ubuntu's techniques for building a Snap, so it's unlikely I'll fix it there.

My PC had 10GB of space dedicated to compiling a snap comprised of ~5000 lines of Fortran...

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Oops, should mention it is only updated on armhf (Raspberry Pi 32-bit).

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My client, LR-87, now supports favicons and properly displays UTF-8 text using its dumb terminal renderer.

On Linux? Try it out:

snap install lr87

LR-87 client now displays a favicon on the dumb terminal renderer nicely at the input prompt

Based on recent protocol favicon controversy, I implemented a favicon request and caching framework to my LR-87 client. Should hit the repo and possibly binary distributions tomorrow.

I'm going to add a feature to my client to request a favicon in every possible format: Windows bitmap, Windows icon, PNG... What other ones are there? Let's flood those overworked servers with like 8 requests!

I sometimes browse the mailing list through the web interface's access to archives. These classy messages make me happy I don't participate:

Working on a main menu. The lead-in screens to the menu make me happy, but I need to make a video of those.

Finally fixed some memory allocation bugs and item creation problems, and rooms are loading flawlessly in the game’s level editor

I don't understand macs... Do people actually use these? I have to use the web browser on a Raspberry Pi because it's more responsive than my mac running 10.15...

Oh holy crap I found the culprit!

#Firefox came with this Widevine DRM extension by #Google. That was overriding uBlock Origin. As soon as I disabled the YT ads were gone. TIL.

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The curly braces are monsters, and it looks like they’re loading/saving correctly

Room save/load works again on the game, just need to confirm objects persist...

Success! I get tripped up a lot when I only work on this a few minutes here and there.

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Ugh, I’ve randomly pluralized structures all through this code!

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