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Maybe we’re not doing this today. My upload rate is freakin’ crap.

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I've spent 90 minutes sorting out how to drop an item from inventory...

I’m so proud that the city where I live gets to host this superspreader event!

I've always been interested in @PINE64 products, but what kind of supply-chain assurances do they provide that they are avoiding forced labor in/from Xinjiang province? Do they have a stance or any sort of audit of suppliers?

I somehow managed to get access to my account by asking them to remove pictures I asked to have deleted...

I deleted the pictures, but I'm quite uninterested in this account at this point.

I effectively spent an hour figuring out that I didn't return a value from a function in C (how is that _not_ a warning!?!) and that I neglected to provide a function prototype (well that warning is very obscure...).

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All I use the bird site for at this point is responding negatively to ads from corporations.

Well, the build failed as expected, but the first production run of my all build service that relies on the protocol did indeed end successfully!

Watched a few minutes of my Friday twitch stream. I have to fix a pretty big audio sync problem for next time.

I released my company's internal replacement for Python's buildbot. Built entirely in Fortran, it's designed to replace what we "need" from buildbot. It communicates via and the titan protocol.

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