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Roasted cauliflower for dinner. We have a pesto to spread on it in the food processor.

Damnit, Turbo C is translating characters read with fgetc()! The problem value happened to be character 13, which Turbo C will ignore unless you use fopen(filename, "rb")!!! I'm so mad!

I think I've spent 2 weeks debugging saved games on my ...

More drinks than viewers today make this arguably more fun!

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I clearly call the function, yet it never gets called…. Ah why is this happening!?!

Damn Turbo C and its complete lack of warnings/errors.

I will say that the M1 Mac Mini is astonishingly powerful. It makes the other two (an i5 and a dual-Xeon Mac Pro) look like cheap garbage.

I really want to hate Apple, but the M1 is damn good.

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The Apple corner is where I’ve spent today. Two Mac Minis and a first-gen Intel Mac Pro on a KVM with a DEC AlphaServer against the wall...

Have to try and get weapons working in this hacked-up game...

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Toot @ Rainbow 100

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