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Trying to develop native software is literally a nightmare. The docs are outdated and insufficient (ever hear of an example?) and the tooling is literally broken in numerous cases.

I can't believe people try to do serious work on this platform...

Running a vm on UTM on my M1 Mac Mini is so damn fast...

It embarrasses my Intel i5 running Ubuntu.

Okay, so VL-Bus is what architecture? It looks VESA bus - ish, but who know...

This Chobani “Sizzlin Brown Sugar” creamer makes my burps taste very strange in a not-altogether unpleasant way…

is _definitely_ not worth reinstalling the OS...

I'll just uninstall it.

The Vintage Computer Federation is holding an *indoor* swap meet next month!?! What the hell is wrong with them?

What insane person has the "all" target in a makefile depend on "clean?"

Oddly enough, the actual level editor will not work on Windows because it relies on function keys that aren't usually present on PCs (F15-F20).

So game levels have to be constructed on the

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