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Finally have login and user authentication working on my distributed build system written in , including through the interface!

Through , it still uses username/password because I think client certs are dumb.

What’s with peeps getting all worked up anytime someone mentions that computers were heavily used for music production? Is it the end of the world if machine excelled at something? Jeez, nobody was talking to you. Relax.

I just had a build fail because Apple removed from ... damnit!

So they don't actually "test" the OS down at headquarters?

I think might be the worst operating system I've ever used. Maybe ... It's a toss-up. But and are right there in the running too...

I hate computers so much.

My favorite part about the OS 64-bit release is how it doesn't work with my monitor.

What’s with the popularity of compact keyboards? I honestly don’t understand. I use my number pad, and I fuckin’ love the arrow keys.

And don’t say “saving space.” Every compact keyboard picture I’ve seen show it sitting on a massive, minimalist desk.

Developing on a is sooooo much nicer since I got an . Much better than a CRT.

Rolled up newspapers are good for fighting dingos. Whack them on the nose or whatnot...

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