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New battery in the smart watch tonight. Last “charge” lasted 5 years or so…

People bitching about American foreign policy while collecting a (most likely exorbitant) paycheck from a big tech giant contributing to fucked up domestic policy is… meh… not worth the follow.

"ripit," a command-line CD ripper on Linux, actually installed exim, a mail daemon, for whatever reason... awesome.

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I can’t even rip a cd on Ubuntu anymore. Everything crashes. Firing up a Mac now that actually creates mp3s. Ubuntu is such a joke.

How I use Windows 10:

1. Press power and see an instant startup because it was hibernating. HD light goes on solid.

2. Literally smash keyboard until pin entry comes up. Login.

3. Smash keyboard after mouse stops responding. HD light still solid.

4. Hold power button for 4 seconds.

5. Press power again. Immediately disable WiFi via hardware switch.

6. Login. HD light is intermittent but getting frequent.

7. Frantically disable real-time virus detection.

8. Compute.

Roasted cauliflower for dinner. We have a pesto to spread on it in the food processor.

Damnit, Turbo C is translating characters read with fgetc()! The problem value happened to be character 13, which Turbo C will ignore unless you use fopen(filename, "rb")!!! I'm so mad!

I think I've spent 2 weeks debugging saved games on my ...

More drinks than viewers today make this arguably more fun!

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I clearly call the function, yet it never gets called…. Ah why is this happening!?!

Damn Turbo C and its complete lack of warnings/errors.

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